About Us

Lucky Feet Reflexology Center (御足轩) located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, opened in 2012.
Our professional technicians with extensive medical knowledge and practical experience, coupled with a comfortable, elegant, clean environment and excellent quality of service, has received a majority of customers’ high praise and acclaim.

Our most preferable service is the meridian massage and reflexology. Through the meridian massage active body meridians, the body organs function tend to balance, the body from the sub-healthy state to a healthy state. The feet is the area of the body farthest from the heart, blood vessels easily shrink in the feet, blood running barriers can easily induce a variety of diseases. Foot massage by radiation can reach deep inside the body to rule out toxins, promote blood circulation and metabolism, increase body resistance and immunity, improve sleep, remove fatigue, and relieve stress, in order to achieve health objectives.

lucky feet

Lucky Feet Reflexology Center (御足轩) currently has 10 massage bed, 10 foot massage sofa sets, a number of senior gold medal masseurs, and a registered acupuncturist, they provided for the customers a wide of services in the meridian massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, cupping, scraping , pedicures and other Chinese health and treatment services.

The company accepts WCB, corporate medicals, and MSP for low-income health insurance.

Lucky Feet Reflexology Center (御足轩) prioritizes our customers, good faith, professionalism, quality and preferential principle, in order to provide you with a professional health service, and a clean and comfortable environment.

Our shop’s towels are sterilized in high temperatures, the bed sheets are new every time as we use disposable bed sheets. There is no need for any concerns involving the sanitation of the environment.